Happy Holidays …to you!!

Honestly, the Christmas season has never been one I particularly enjoyed hence, the late post. I’ve never been a festive person or one for the holidays. It’s always felt forced upon me, as if we HAD to celebrate Christmas. And forget about gift giving. I have family members who are so ungrateful that it took whatever tolerance for Christmas I had and zapped it out.¬† When I lived in South America, though¬† Christmas is celebrated, it didn’t actually feel the same. It may have been because there was no snow and not a lot of commercialization of the season. I thought I would appreciate that but no, it actually made me miss the songs and festivities. When I was living in Europe, it kind of brought back the nostalgia. Over the years the Scrooge in me has lessened, and honestly it has a lot to do with holiday movies that I adore. It me takes away from my sour holiday feelings if only for a couple of hours, but it does the trick.

Here are five of my favorite Holiday movies. Enjoy!

Love Actually

OK, yes. Everyone loves this movie. You probably heard this a million, trillion times. But hear me out! I fell in love with this movie because…well… it’s not your typical Christmassy movie. Though it is definitely Christmas-themed, its’ star isn’t Santa or the Christmas spirit which most holiday movies tend to do. It’s love and before you go on and say “But Melissa…that’s part of the Christmas spirit!” let me tell you that this movie examines love as unpredictable. It connects ten stories that culminate around Christmas, but love is the actual central theme here. My favorite part in the film is when Keira Knightley’s character realizes that the man she thought hated her, a man who also happened to be her fiance turned husband’s best friend, was actually a man who had always been in love with her. What do you do with a love like that? Knowing that your love will never be returned? Ugh…kills me. It also has some cheeky comedy. You have to watch it!

Bridget Jones’s Diary

OK OK, yes- it’s technically not a Christmas film, but one of the first scenes takes place during the holidays so it’s on my list! What you gon’ do about it? Anyways, what woman does not love this affable, totally likeable character? Bridget is in her early thirties experiencing something we all worry about- being single, and professionally stunted. She’s miserable in the beginning, singing Celine Dion at the top of her lungs (I’m partial to Mariah Carey myself) but seriously? Who cannot relate to the woe is me I’m single dilemma. The rest of the film goes into her romantic mistakes with such hilarity I always find myself saying “Mmmhmmm, been there done that”. And if you can’t get enough there is the second installment-Bridget Jones’ Diary: The Edge of Reason, just as good as the first one.

The Holiday

Yup, there’s a pattern here. The two previous films on my list are British, or filmed in Britain and this one is no exception though half is bases in England and the other half in LA. I’m not an anglophile, but when it comes to romantic comedies, I can’t help but think that the Brits do it better. And The Holiday is no exception. It stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet two women who switch houses for the holidays and end up in love. Not with each other, but with other cuties. Ok so it’s not that simple but you get the idea here. I fell in love with Kate’s characters little English cottage. So frickin’ cute.

A Diva’s Christmas Carol

Every Christmas there is always some version of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. Out of all of them, my favorite has to be A Diva’s Christmas Carol. Not only does it star the beautiful Vanessa Williams but also the gorgeous Chili from the mega-group TLC. Snappy dialogue and throwbacks to the eighties style, this version has it all.

The Polar Express

My sister is 17 now, but when she was younger, she was obsessed with this gorgeous animated movie starring Tom Hanks in multiple roles. I can’t watch it without feeling nostalgic and a bit sad that she’s growing up faster than I can catch her. It’s a beautiful story that kind of makes you believe in the Christmas spirit. Kind of.

So what holiday movies do you watch? Any recommendations? What do you think of mines?

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!